lingam massage london

Lingam Massage London

At Pure Tantric massage in Bayswater, West London we offer nearly every different type of erotic massage you can imagine, but of one of the more popular techniques on the menu is our lingam massage in London which is a tantric form of therapy performed by very experienced and amazingly beautiful and sexy masseuses.

If this term is not one you are familiar with then let us explain. The Lingam is a word that is commonly used in tantric philosophy and actually translates to the male gentials or the ‘wand of light’ as it is also referred to as. Now of course the whole treatment is not constrained to this area and the massage will be a full body massage but focusing more on this area towards the end of the session. Strangely enough the purpose of a lingam massage in the tantra philosophy is not actually orgasm as one might expect.

This is no doubt a nice little bonus for a lot of guys that partake in this from of massage therapy, but this is more about the worshipping of this part of the body. It is really ritual about honouring the wand of light and this is of course very pleasurable for a lot of guys at the same time.

In addition to being a very sexy and stimulating experience, it is also a great way to build confidence in the sexual department and our masseuses can really help clients with how to relax more and through tantric breathing techniques to really gain better control and focus in this environment – which of course can work wonders for this that have some sexual dysfunctional issues like premature ejaculation for example.

Additionally this type of therapy can give some clients a new lease of life, mainly those that are for whatever reason experiencing issues with a loss of libido for example and so as well as the many health advantages of being good to de-stress relax and experience total calm, it can do wonders for people’s sex lives at the same time.

If you would like to book in for a truly sexy lingam massage in London then contact our very friendly and helpful team today!!

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